Monday, December 5, 2016

6/12/2016 Market Update

USD and EUR continue to rally against TL .

However, intraday spike of USD  to 3,59 and following sell off on 02.12.2016 set a short term top.

EUR hit the short term target at 3,8021 today. The position is closed and 13.200 TL distributed to savings accounts 2&3  for interest return. The long position is will be inititated around 3,5-3,55.

USD is at 3,5351. In case the market declines to 3,30-3,40 range, the long position will be increased.
BIST 30 is at 89980.The position will be increased around 86000.

Gold is at 133.03.Position will be initiated around 123-125.
Overall the position is summarized below: