Friday, November 24, 2017

24/11/2017 Update - USD Position increased

USD/TRY made all time highs together with EUR/TRY.

Fictional Monthly Interest Account #3 closed after accrued interest and USD position is increased. (43.401,33 TL).Mid Term target to reduce the position is around 4,25-4,3. Position will be increased around 3,75.

EUR/TRY is also making record highs..

GOLD/TRY market is in a strong uptrend. Waiting for a pull back to 50Day Moving Average Support -  around 4850  to open a long position.

BIST 30 is in  a correction after marking new highs around 141.000. Long position will be considered around  200 Day Moving Average Support - around 123.500-124.500 region.

Overall summary is below. Fund performance has been better than interest or USD performance, however with the help of this year's up move, BIST30 performance is close to the fund performance.