Thursday, August 16, 2018

16 8 2018 Position Adjustment

The recent moves in Turkish market was definitely "Not Normal". The market calmed down significantly. Thus the theoretical fund position is adjusted to changing conditions.

BIST 30 is at the critical support. BIST100 tested critical major low of 1200 level in USD terms.

To summarize; Fund return has been beaten by USD/TRY, EUR/TRY, and GOLD/TRY return since inception due to recent depreciation of Turkish Lira.  Below is the readjusted portfolio.
Monthly interest accounts 1 and 3 are closed and allocated to USD (12.556,79 TL fromMIA#3 , EUR (7.855,18 TL from MIA#1)  and GOLD (5.000 TL from MIA#1) .

* The comments mentioned here are solely for personal market tracking. Burada paylaşılmış yorumlar ve öneriler sadece kişisel performans ve piaasa takibi için yayınlanmaktadır. Başka bir amacı yoktur.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

7 8 2018 USD Position Reduced

Mostly due to politicial tensions with USA, Turkish Lira lost significant value against other currencies.

Target for USD/TL is reached overnight, thus reducing the USD position by 12.855,18 TL and adding it to fictitious Monthly Interest account #1.

USD position will be kept at these levels for the mid term due to uncertainty. 

EUR/TRY  will be kept at these levels for the mid term due to uncertainty. 

BIST 30 first target is around 123.000-125.000. 

 Initial Target :LONG TERM hold 

To summarize: Fund return in TL is now over Interest return and BIST 30 since inception (15.09.2015). With the recent spike up, USD/TRY-EUR/TRY, GOLD/TRY return is better than the fund  return at the moment.