Wednesday, October 17, 2018

17 10 2018 Update / USD- GOLD Position Increased - BIST30 Position Closed

TL has recovered significantly since last update and trading close to trend support on the weekly chart.

BIST 30 position closed because of an expected difficult year in 2019 for both domestic and global financial markets. Re entry will be considered around 110.000. (18.059,87 TL from BIST 30 position is allocated to USD position)

Monthly Interest Account #2 is closed and 11.000 TL is allocated to GOLD and 10.998,5 TL is allocated to EUR.

Below are the weekly charts:

                                          First target for the USD/ TL is around 6,4.

Position will be opened around 110.000 in BIST 30.

First target for the EUR TL is around 7,8

                                       First target for theGAU/TRY is around 280.

To summarize; Fund return is better than Interest Return and BIST30 return however lower than USD/TRY, EUR/TRY, and GOLD/TRY return since inception due to recent depreciation of Turkish Lira.