Tuesday, February 14, 2017

14 2 2017 USD position increased

USD is trading around 50 day MA support line and testing the previous break out level around 3,6.
Long position is increased by closing the monthly interest account #3 as planned.
First target  is around 3,8 for initial profit taking- second target will be around 3,88-3,9.
Eur  also weakened to 3,85-3,9 range.
BIST 30 is consolidating close to all time highs. A test for the record highs is coming soon.
Gold is also on the highs, as the weakening of USD is compansated by the increase in the gold price in global markets.
Current position is summarized below:

Friday, February 3, 2017

03 02 2017 update: "USD position increased"

USD/TRY is back to the support levels. Monthly interest account #2 is closed and USD position is increased. The first target is again around 3,87-3.90.
Weekly EUR/TRY chart is below:
IMKB 30 is going up non stop. There are many significant resistances around this region. Expecting a pull back to at least 102.000-103.500 range soon.However it could be a start of longer term rally due to the depreciation in TRY.

Weekly Gold gram/TRY chart is below.
The current position distribution and the results are summarized below: