Thursday, January 26, 2017

27 1 2017 USD/TL Position reduced as planned

Market reached the short term target level as of this morning.Position is reduced 50% and put into fictional monthly savings account #2.  The position is expected to be closed between 4,05-4,15 depending on the market move at the time.

EUR is also on the highs.
Gold is on the highs against TL.
BIST 30 is testing the range resistance.

The current distribution of the capital after closing half of the USD position is summarized below:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24 1 2017 USD Position increased

The USD/TRY market is getting close to the support at the 5h MA 50 2 stand deviation lower bollinger band (purple line). This is also the low of the previous sell off and has not been violated since the uptrend from 2,9 has begun.
The target to enter long was 3,65-3,70 range but with the recent chart development, current level looks accepable to enter long with a partial exit target around 3,88 -3,90.

EUR is also weak recently.
IMKB 30 is close to the weekly upper band resistance.

Gold is also showing signs of consolidation.

The USD position is increase by closing one of the theoretical monthly interest accounts.(account #2)

Overall current distribution is below:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

18 1 2017 Update BIST 30 Position Closed

USD/TL found a range between 3,72-3,95 and  a test to 3,90 is expected soon.The position has not been increased as the market did not reach the buy target level around 3,65-3,7.
EUR/TL chart is below:
BIST 30 made a huge jump after the relaxation of USD pressure. Position is closed and shifted to monthly interest account 3.

Gold is trading around the highs as well, partly due to recent rally in Gold in global markets.
Current position distribution and returns are summarized below:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

11 1 2017 Update

USD/TL hit the target too fast. It is a big sign of strength therefore the USD position is not completely closed but only %50. Long position is considered around 3,60-3,70. Next target in the coming months to close the position will be 4,05-4,15 range.

EUR had a similar run expectedly.

Gold also had  a big up move in line with the depreciation in TL.

The TL is invested partly in the IMKB 30 and partly in monthly interest, as the dollar value of the stock exchange is down significantly which is becoming a good investment at these levels. The major all time support is 1.300 USD.

Current distribution is below:

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3/1/2017 Market Update

USD is testing the short term top around 3.59. A daily close above this level will most probably push the market up till 3,8-3,9 range where  USD position will be closed for the short term.
Long position is considered around 3,35-3,4.
EUR is under pressure due to downtrend in EUR/USD, however against TL the uptrend is in place.
Long position in EUR will be initiated around 3,50-3,6 range.

IMKB 30 is at the significant weekly resistance. Long position is hold for another potential 7-8% up move to 101.000-102.000.
Gold is on the uptrend however not coming down enough to targeted long initiation level around 125.
Current position and distribution is as below:

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