Wednesday, June 6, 2018

6/6/2018 BIST30 Position Increased

Turkish Stock Market is under pressure due to elections and a possible credit score downgrade.
Monthly interest account #1 is reduced to 5.233,99 TL  and bought 20.000 TL worth of BIST30. First target is 130.000-135.000.

USD/TLnext target revised to :4,8-4,9. Position will be added around 4,4-4,45.

EUR/TRY  Next Target :5,85-5,9 Position will be increased around: 5,10-5,15
 Initial Target :LONG TERM hold /  Position will be increased around: 165-170

To summarize: Fund return in TL is now over Interest return, BIST 30, EUR/TRY and USD/TRY returns since inception (15.09.2015). Only GOLD/TRY return is better than fund  return at the moment.