Thursday, May 9, 2019

9/5/2019 BIST 30 Position opened

USD/TL broke through 5.9 due to mostly political instability.
BIST 30 has been sold off sharply.
USD-EUR-GOLD positions will be kept till current sentiment shifts back to normal.
BIST 30 position opened by closing fictional monthly interest account #2 and transferring 5.202,5 from fictional monthly interest account #1. to rebalance the portfolio.

Next target for the USD/ TL is around 6,5. 

First target for the EUR/ TL is around 7,5.

Position is increased around 110.000 in BIST 30. More position can be added around 100.000. 

 Next target for the GAU/TRY is around 270-275.


To summarize; Fund return is close to USD/TRY and EUR/TRY Return . Better than, Interest Return and BIST30 return, and lower than GOLD/TRY return since inception.