Friday, November 25, 2016

25/11/2016 Update

USD/TL reached the target mentioned in the previous post rather quickly mostly due to the global rally in the USD.(3,4-3,5). 10.000 TL worth USD is sold and bought into BIST 30 future. Next level to sell will be around 3,8-3,9. The position will be increased around 3,25.

EUR/TL is still away from the target(3,8-3,9)
Gold is still on the uptrend against TL however not close to the buy level target around 120-125. In the global markets, Gold is being sold off mostly due to USD strength and better economic expectations.

BIST 100 is on the lower  Bollinger Band of Daily Chart. Due to increase in USD, the market is under pressure. The USD sold is bought into stock market via BIST 30 future around 90.600.
Target is the weekly upper bollinger band around 102.000:

Overall position is as below:

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