Monday, November 7, 2016

7.11.2016 Market Review

No rebalancing in the portfolio as the markets have not provided a significant opportunity in the past 98 days.

However, the upside move of USD/TL by making new all time highs and also gold making all time higs in terms of TL demanded an update.

New record highs in the coming weeks are highly probable.The probable technical target for USD/TL to the upside will be 3,40-3,50 where some USD will be converted to TL.

Weekly chart of USD/TL:
Weekly Chart of EUR/TL.The probable technical target of EUR/TL to the upside is around 3,8-3,90.
BIST 100 is struggling for a long time with no direction.Cautiously long position will be considered around 70.000, as downside potential is really high with the current risks. Market can easily go down to 50-55.000 with a global trigger event.
Gold is in a strong uptrend. 120 region is a buying opportunity.
Current portfolio results are summarized below:

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