Wednesday, January 23, 2019

23/1/2019 Bist 30 close to target and position closed/ EUR position increased.

Global Markets recovered as almost never seen before.  Turkish stock market joined the party and had a run close to the target.

Position in BIST 30 is closed and shifted 15.000 TL to Monthly interest account #1 and 14.247,53 TL is allocated to EUR. 

Below are the weekly charts:

   First target for the USD/ TL is around 5.8-5,85. There was a spike near the target but sold off when trading was not possible so no profit was taken.

First target for the EUR/ TL is around 6,7-6,75.

Position will be increased around 110.000 in BIST 30. 

First target for the GAU/TRY is around 240-245.


To summarize; Fund return is better than USD/TRY and EUR/TRY Return again. Also better than, Interest Return and BIST30 return, and lower than GOLD/TRY return since inception.

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