Friday, April 12, 2019

12/4/2019 USD and GOLD hit the first target

Turkish stock market had a wild swing before and after the elections. The uncertainty still goes on in Istanbul. 

The USD and GOLD hit the initial targets.Positions are reduced and allocated to fictional monthly interest account#2.

Below are the weekly charts:

 9.520,34 Turkish lira worth of position is converted to TL.  Next target for the USD/ TL is around 6,5. 

First target for the EUR/ TL is around 6,7-6,75.

Position will be increased around 110.000 in BIST 30. 

7.766,56 Turkish lira worth of position is converted to TL. Next target for the GAU/TRY is around 270-275.


To summarize; Fund return is close to USD/TRY and EUR/TRY Return . Better than, Interest Return and BIST30 return, and lower than GOLD/TRY return since inception.

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